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A place of Jewish worship...learning...and assembly.

Our focus is to cultivate a caring, inclusive community

in the spirit of liberal Judaism.

Join us for a Zoom Service! 
For a zoom invitation call
Cathy Duke at 914 450 4188.

We are delighted to offer you an opportunity to be “together” over zoom.  Join Rabbi Helaine for a Friday shabbat at 7 PM.  Bring your wine/grape juice, candlesticks, and share in the camaraderie.  Let us know how you are. Hear some thought provoking readings and share your thoughts.  Fridays at 7 PM: April 26, May 17, and
June 28. 
What is PRS offering you this May and June?

It is as a caring community that PRS welcomes you with support and love.  Our Friday evening zoom services are a wonderful and convenient way to get to know us.  They begin at 7 PM and are led by our Rabbi Helaine Ettinger.  Why not get to know us from the convenience of your home? If you are joining for the first time kindly send your name, email, and phone number to Cathy Duke (, PRS’ president, at least 2 days prior to the service.
       “We try to respond to the needs of all of
our members and friends. And so in April we held a matzah making party for our youngest friends! There was lots of mess, fun, and a bit of learning. And later that month we held a meaningful Yom Ha Shoah observance that featured an amazing film, “The Accountant of Auschvitz” followed by a deep discussion led by Rabbi Helaine.

And this May we are again honoring our country’s servicemen and women in Cold Spring’s annual parade
which will this year be on Monday, May 27.

Do you want to hear Rabbi Helaine’s words? Join us at the
corner of 9D and 301 at the monument on the lawn of St Mary’s Church no later than 9 AM. (We suggest you arrive no later than 8:45 as the streets will close.) We are proud to have Rabbi Helaine represent us along with other religious leaders in this wonderful opportunity to honor our veterans and those currently serving to protect us.

And on June 14, Friday evening PRS will be holding its
annual meeting (at 5 pm), an informal dairy dinner to celebrate Shavuot, (5:30 PM) and our service (6:30 PM). You are most welcome to attend any or all of these! To help with planning it would be wonderful if you could contact Cathy Duke ( or 914 450 4188) to let her know your plans.

June 14: Annual meeting, dinner,
and in person service at St.Mary’s parish hall 5 PM to 9 PM


What does PRS do to help our Philipstown community?

PRS has an active role in our town.  We are honored to help an Afghan family — mom, dad, and two little ones — as they adjust to life in the US.  This past month we threw them a baby shower for their newest addition (who is being born as I write this) .  It turns out that it is also a custom in Afghanistan to throw a party for couples expecting a new baby. We are currently looking for a car that can accommodate 3 carseats at 2 adults.


PRS participates in an ongoing program to help families at Haldane, our local school, who are food insecure.  Through the backpack program in conjunction with Haldane School we provide nutritious food that can be prepared by the young students themselves.on weekends. School holidays, and summer.


PRS is proud to be an integral part of Philipstown’s Community Thanksgiving along with the Catholic Church, Our Lady of Loretto, and the Episcopalian Church, St. Mary’s.  Anyone in our community, whether for reasons of limited mobility, age, illness, or finances who could not make a Thanksgiving dinner was welcomed to avail themselves of a complete Thanksgiving dinner without exception.  We provided over 200 beautiful dinners this Thanksgiving.  


How is PRS supporting our community in the face of war?

These are challenging days for the Jewish community with many of us glued to the news of the war, hoping that the hostages will return home safely, hoping that the many displaced people will find safety and comfort, and hoping that the many Israelis that are fighting will help bring about a lasting peace.  And we are torn in our feelings toward Gaza:  hoping that this war will weaken if not eliminate Hamas while feeling sad at the loss of civilian life.  


             PRS has been fortunate in Rabbi Helaine’s leadership in these difficult times.  Prior to the war she shared with us the tremendous months long outpouring of opposition to Netanhayu’s attempt to reduce the power of the judiciary, with demonstrations in the streets of Israeli cities to protect democracy she saw on her trip there.  And more recently following her travel to Israel this November with other reform and conservative rabbis on a mission to offer comfort, she shared with us some heartbreaking stories from a kibbutz near Gaza that had been attacked.  She gave all of us at our recent Hanukkah observance an opportunity to be together as a community, to share our thoughts and emotions, and to comfort one another.  


Rabbi Helaine Ettinger

If you would like to make a donation to help us in our efforts, please send a
check to the following:

Philipstown Reform Synagogue
PO Box 94 
Cold Spring, NY 10516.

All funds donated to PRS are tax
deductible to the fullest extent under the law.

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