The purpose of the Synagogue shall be to maintain a congregation to perpetuate Judaism, to serve the Jewish people by providing a place where they may worship and where the teachings of Judaism may be made known, to promote Judaism in all aspects of life by means of public and private worship, by religious education, and through social welfare activities.

PRS holds virtual High Holidays

This year will be one to remember as we conquered the isolation enforced by the pandemic, uniting our PRS members, their families, and their friends from New York to California, to Florida, and even overseas through zoom High Holiday services.  It wasn’t easy, but with the help of our wonderful Rabbi Helaine Ettinger, Diane Botnick, Marshall Mermell, your co-presidents Adele Stern and Cathy Duke, Paul Kaye, Barry Skura, and the entire PRS board we held meaningful services that touched all of us.  We are proud of our efforts, (and hope that we never have to do it again!) To all who joined us, we say thank you for making us stronger through your presence.  And we thank all who donated to our efforts.  

If you would like to make a donation to PRS to support our efforts please send your gift by snail mail to:  Philipstown Reform Synagogue, PO Box 94, Cold Spring, NY 10516


We are coming together as a sacred community to provide a place of Jewish worship, learning and assembly. We hope to nurture the spiritual and educational welfare of the congregation and work together to fulfill our sacred obligations to those in need in the greater community.

Our focus is to cultivate a caring, inclusive community in the spirit of liberal Judaism. We are committed to a participatory and democratic process both in congregational governance and in ritual. We welcome individuals and families of varying Jewish lifestyles. We dedicate ourselves to a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation and interfaith family structure in all aspects of congregational membership, leadership and ritual involvement. We will work together to develop meaningful Jewish worship that includes an English transliteration of Hebrew and an emphasis on spoken English to make all aspects of ritual observance accessible.

Our personal philosophies and practices may vary widely among us. However, we are united in a common commitment to Judaism, to furthering our spiritual growth individually and communally and to engage in charitable works in the community.

We recognize that study of Torah is an ongoing lifelong process. Development of Jewish identity and knowledge of our traditions will encompass religious and educational programs for children, adults and intergenerational groups.

We hope to encourage and support one another as we grow in our studies and in loving-kindness and social responsibility.