Tu B'ish Vat - Friday, January 29 2021 at 5pm
JOIN US for an online Tu B'shevat Seder on Friday, January 29th at 5:00 pm.
  • Red wine or grape juice
  • White wine or grape juice
  • 1 fruit with thick protective outsides (oranges, walnuts, pomegranates, bananas, coconuts)
  • 1 fruit with hard inner pits (olives, dates, peaches, mango)
  • 1 fruit that is entirely edible (grapes/raisins, figs, berries)
  • Candles for Shabbat
At this time of year, it may be easier to find dried fruits than fresh fruits. Both are acceptable.
If you want to keep up the tree theme, you can make a fruit smoothie, blueberry muffins, apple pie, peach cobbler, you get the idea...
It's just for fun, so don't worry if you don't have the stuff on the list, come anyway.
Tu BiShvat hike Saturday Jan 30 2021 at 10am - Noon
You are invited to join Barry in celebrating the New Year of the Trees (Tu BiShvat) by walking among the trees in an out of the way section of Fahnestock Park. This scenic area is mostly used by people in the immediate area, with a pretty creek, old woods roads, unmarked trails, a decommissioned reservoir, and the relics of 19th century homesteads and farms.  It is a good place for a meditative walk.
We will hike at a social pace for up to two hours, with options for those who want a shorter or longer walk.  We will finish by early afternoon. No hiking experience necessary, but you must be comfortable walking up to two hours on woods roads with slight changes in elevation.   
We will observe COVID precautions.  The group is limited to 8 people, including Barry.  Everyone must wear a mask and keep six feet from other participants.  Each household uses its own car.  Bring your own snacks and water – no sharing.
In addition to your face mask, bring a small pack or book bag with personal first aid items, a liter of water or hot drink, lunch, snacks, a hat, gloves, water proof wind breaker and long sleeve fleece or sweater.  Wear solid walking shoes or hiking boots and synthetic or wool pants/ shirt.   NO COTTON  (cotton retains water when wet or sweaty, drawing body heat away from you).  If you use poles, bring them.
Barry reserves the right to make changes based on weather conditions and group needs.
To participate, e-mail or call Barry by Friday September 29 at 9 PM.  Barry will give you the meeting time and place. His phone is 646-734-1908.  E-mail is

The Philipstown Reform Synagogue is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism.